4 Ways To Upcycle Your Wine Corks (Plus The 1 Way You’ll Never Catch Missy Using Hers!!)

What does it take to get through the week? 
A little bit of screaming, a steady drip of caffeine, and WINE. The daily grind can really, well, grind you down so it’s understandable if you, like us, need to indulge in a certain liquid coping mechanism to prevent yourself from completely losing it on a random Wednesday afternoon.
And if that coping mechanism comes in, say, 750mL doses, then you, like us, have probably amassed a decent sized collection of corks, either intentionally or unintentionally. (I mean on top of everything, we’re supposed to take out the RECYCLING, too?)
So, to take one problem off of your plate, we thought we’d offer a few unique and actually fun ideas for ways to use those old wine corks. 
(Stick around until the end and see if you can guess the one thing that Missy would rather forfeit her limbs to a pack of rabid hyenas before creating with hers.)
4. Cork heart art
Yes, this can be cute if done well. No, you do not have to stick to making hearts. If you have the craft chops, why not make something a little more surprising? Something dick shaped, perhaps? Just an idea.
3. Electric cord ties
Function! Attractive function! It *is* possible! Check out the instructions for this very clever cork use here. And start gathering your tools!
2. Cute AF coasters
Using the natural absorbency of the cork, you can craft yourself a set of complementary coasters. Unique and usable. Great for making life a little easier and for… more wine!
1. Utensil holders
Make the kitchen a clutter-free zone with this one. Just stack your corks around a cheap utensil holder to form the shape and give it structure, then place and glue as necessary. Piece of cake! And that leaves countertop room for actual cake. (Reward yourself, you deserve it after this week.)

BONUS: What would Missy never, ever make with her leftover wine corks?