Vete A La Mierda (Spanish) - Accent Bangle - Stainless Steel

Product Description

Say it around mom and it's Viva La Chancla for you! 

Do you ever have those days where you want to be hidden from the world? Almost in the same way when someone has no idea what you are talking about?

Well, what if you could tell the world to FUCK OFF in a different language? One that most in your country would not recognize? Would you rock it?

Absolutely right! The bracelets say just that. In different languages, they represent the phrase "fuck off." So, even if you need to smile for the day, check your wrist and do not let other people's problems take over your mind.

  • Stainless Steel Adjustable Length Bangle spelling out VETE A LA MIERDA
$ 29.99

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