Gifts for Winos

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Know someone who's obsessed with wine? We do too! That's why these make the perfect gifts for the wine lovers in your life! This bundle includes:

  • "Let's Make Pour Choices" Hang Tight Towel
  • "I'm Afraid If I Give Up Wine, I'll Have to Replace it with Murder" Hang Tight Towel
  • "I Wonder If Wine Thinks of Me Too?" Hang Tight Towel
  • "Screw It" Terry Cloth Hang Tight Towel
  • "Bring Me Wine and Tell Me I'm Pretty" Pillow
  • "Wine Slut" 30"-32" Cutout Necklace
  • "Let's Make Pour Choices" Cocktail Napkin
  • "When In Doubt, Pull It Out" Cocktail Napkin
  • "Group Therapy" Cocktail Napkin
$ 99.00 $ 138.00

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