Twisted Wares | June 25, 2023

Welcome, dear reader, to the wondrous world of kitchen towel care! So, grab your favorite kitchen towel (hopefully the wonderful Twisted Wares brand) and let's dive into the quirky realm of towel TLC!


Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Towel

It all begins with finding the crème de la crème of kitchen towels, which you have if its a Twisted Wares Hang Tight Towel.


Remember, appearance matters! Seek towels that complement your kitchen's color scheme or, better yet, make a bold statement that shows your true personality. Who says drying dishes can't be fun?

Live Nude Dancing Towel
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Great products offered on the site, an easy ordering experience and very prompt delivery! Highly recommended.

— Matthew B.

I Will Not Drink All The Wine Towel
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I love this towel so much, definitely suits my own "twisted" sense of humor, and everyone who sees it wants one. Even my soon-to-be 87 year old Mom has one hanging in her tiny kitchen in her assisted living apartment ! Now I have to wait for more to come in stock, I have other friends that want one too!

— Leslie T. 


Towel Etiquette 101

Before using your towel, it's vital to familiarize yourself with towel etiquette. Towels, like humans, need respect!


Politely ask your towel if it's ready to absorb spills and then at least pretend to listen if it answers back.


Towel Yoga

Yes, you read that right. It's time to introduce your towel to the art of yoga. Gently stretch it in all directions to improve flexibility and overall towel well-being.


Encourage your towel to aspire to new heights by attempting advanced poses like "The Dish Drying Dolphin" or "The Folded Crane."

Just The Tip Towel
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Love the towels so much! I use them all of the time.

— Lynn C.

Fuck Dish Shit Towel
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Bought this towel as a gift for my sister and she totally loved it. It's proudly displayed in her kitchen!

— Phyllis F. 


Singing to Soiled Towels

While most cleaning advice suggests pre-washing towels promptly upon opening, Twisted Wares towels do not require this as they are pre-washed. But, we ask that you take it a step further with towel serenades.


Create a playlist of upbeat tunes and give your towels a private concert before they are washed. Remember, clean towels are happy towels, and happy towels make everyone happy.


The Battle of the Lint

No battle here.


Twisted Wares Flour Sack towels are lint free. No need to engage in epic battles using lint rollers, tape, or your best friend's cat (with permission, of course).

Screw it towel
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Well made and hilarious. Glad I found this site.

— Milissa W.

Fuck this shit towel
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Holiday gifts purchased plus one for me. Love the idea and the sayings.

— Janet R.


Towel Therapy

To keep your Twisted Wares towels for years they require regular pampering. Arrange a spa day for your towels by tossing them into the dryer with a few tennis balls.


As the towels twirl and frolic, they'll experience a sensory bliss akin to rolling in a field of freshly baked cookies. Ahh, pure bliss!


Towel Olympics

Bring out your inner Olympian and host the prestigious "Towel Olympics" in your kitchen. Challenge your towels to feats of strength, endurance, and agility.


Extra points for synchronized folding routines and daring towel dives off the kitchen counter.


But remember: they really just enjoy staying put where you want them by using the patented Hang Tight Towel loop.

Fake Smiling Towel
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I was looking for a present and stumbled on it, and others, right here!

— Toni I.

Congratulations, brave kitchen towel caregiver! You've emerged victorious from this comical journey, armed with the knowledge to care for your towels in the most whimsical ways possible. Remember, laughter and a touch of eccentricity can transform even the most mundane tasks into moments of joy. So, go forth and pamper those kitchen towels like the quirky hero you are!


Disclaimer: No towels were harmed in the making of this guide. The author takes no responsibility for any injuries sustained during towel yoga or spontaneous towel dance parties. Towel care at your own risk!