5 Christmas Gifts That Really Speak The Mind #nofilterneeded

As the queen of quirky and the mastermind behind Twisted Wares, I know a thing or two about adding a twist to life's practicalities. If you're tired of the same old holiday cliches and want your gifts to truly expresses what's on your mind, you're in the right place. 
We're unwrapping a selection of five Christmas gifts that go beyond the ordinary, so prepare to surprise your loved ones with gifts that truly speak the mind. Get ready to be the star gift-giver this Christmas.  
Fuckity Illusion Hang Tight Towel 
When ordinary towels just won't do, our VIRAL illusion towel is there to give a cheeky twist on a kitchen classic. Subtle enough that grandma won't notice, and it can be your whimsy little secret. 
I Like Pretty Things...Bitch Bag
Attention, all sassy and classy bitches - this one is for you. Our Pretty Things Bitch Bag is the perfect accessory for the woman who knows how to keep it classy while adding a wink of sass. 
F Everything Oven Mitt
It's not just an oven mitt; it's your culinary confidant with a sense of humor. With its cheeky design, it is the perfect way to tell those stubborn recipes "F it, I've got this!"
Drinks on Me Cocktail Napkin 
Who says napkins can't be the life of the party? It's the only napkin that's unapologetically tipsy. Your guests will be raising their glasses toasting to your epic hosting skills. 
When In Doubt Pull It Out Pot Holder 
Everyone likes a good play on words - this one you can even explain to your kids. This pot holder isn't just to protect your hands; it's your companion, your inside joke, and a friendly reminder that cooking doesn't have to just be a chore, it can be fun too.