Top 5 Cocktail Napkins to Get Christmas Party Ready

Don’t throw another boring holiday party with those ugly, boring paper napkins with snowflakes and reindeer on them that scream “I bought this last minute!” Instead let your cocktail napkins make a statement that’s as unique (and snarky) as you are. Here’s our top 5 picks for party napkins that will not only wipe away spills, 
but maybe even spark great conversations!


#1 Jolly As Fuck 

Do you know what’s jolly? Santa. Do you know what else should be? Your Christmas Party. The “Jolly As Fuck” napkin is not for the faint of heart or lovers of subtlety. It’s a straight-up declaration that you’re here to party and damn it, you’re jolly about it. Let these napkins show your holiday cheer!

Jolly as Fuck cocktail napkin
#2 Balls Deep Into Christmas 
This napkin will be sure to make your party the talk of the town. “Balls Deep Into Christmas” is for the committed, the enthusiasts, the people who have been listening to Christmas carols since July. Whether it’s decorating, cooking, or merrymaking, you’re in it to win it. 
#3 When I Think About You, I Touch My Elf 
This one's for those who have a mischievous side and aren't afraid to show it. Add some cheekiness to your party that even your prudish Aunt Karen won't be able to resist smiling at. It's the perfect ice-breaker and a delightful way to add some innuendo to the eggnog. Plus, who can resist a good play on words?
#4 Happy Alcoholidays 
Let’s be real - sometimes the best way to spread Christmas cheer is pouring a stiff drink. The “Happy Alcoholidays” napkin is a jolly toast to the family feuds, awkward office exchanges, and mandatory Secret Santa’s that make the liquor cabinet your personal North Pole. These napkins are perfect for the Christmas party host who 
secretly wishes the “silent night” included their relatives.
#5 Please Leave By 9pm
Ever had those parties where people just don't get the hint?  You're yawning, you've run out of small talk, and your bed is calling. Save yourself the agony of being a host past your bedtime with these brutally honest napkins. "Please Leave by 9pm" is the introvert host’s dream — polite but direct. The kind of napkin that says, "I love you, but I love my pajamas more."