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Things in my RV that ✨Just Make Sense✨

Things in my Airstream that just make sense✨:

It's travel season, and time to start cleaning and outfitting all of our rigs! So, let's take a look in my Airstream at the stuff that just makes sense...

  1. A towel that doesn't fall

I love for everything to feel homey and ready to roll when I open the door of my Airstream. The less I have to take out of secure hiding places and set up, the better. Another reason to love Hang Tight Towels!!! So, I pick out the most appropriate and funny towel for my trip, hang it in the Airstream, and never worry about where it ends up during the drive. Does it get better than this "Sleep Around" towel?

i sleep around towel on oven

  1. Lots of Paper Napkins!

A couple packs of funky paper napkins feels like a must for any road trip. At the end of a long day exploring and having fun, I love to sit and relax with my feet up, and be entertained with nice drink. The "It's All Good in the Trailer Hood" napkins hit differently inside an actual RV park!!! They're whimsical, yet practical when the inevitable spills occur.

  1. A Fresh Smell

Things can get a little smelly with all the exploring and being outside and enjoying nature. So I like to keep the odors out with a good, strong candle. This "Calm Your Tits" candle keeps things smelling zen and reminds my travel partners who runs this rig, and (hopefully) prevents any backseat driving.

calm your tits candle

  1. Good Company

Whether I am my own good company, my BFF Courtney tags along, or I end up bringing the whole family - Good company is an absolute must for road trips. Great music, laughter, and adventurous spirit make for the most unexpected memories in unexpected places!