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How To Be The Best Host EVER!

Three Tips to Be the Most Fun Host, like ever.

Hosting can be, at the same time, the most fun thing and the most stressful thing you can do in a year’s time.  All the planning, the prepping, and the emotional gymnastics that go into hosting can get tricky. But, nothing is better than hearing a guest tell you how much fun they had or ask when you’re throwing another party. So, here are three tips to help get you through your next event and be named the Most Fun Host, like ever.

#1 Pick a Theme

We know this sounds so obvious it doesn’t need to be said, but it needs to be said. Pick. A. Theme. Everyone is coming over to watch football? Your theme is not ‘football,’ it’s whatever team you’re cheering on! Just having the girls over for wine? No, you’re hosting a Spring Wine and Cheese Refresher.

The point isn’t to add more stress but to help organize what you’re trying to accomplish. This thought process becomes the difference between a plastic meat and cheese tray from the grocery store and a tour de cheese charcuterie board that leaves your best frenemy green with jealousy.

Deciding on a theme doesn’t mean you need to send out curated e-vites suddenly; it means you have an idea of what vibe you want to give. Is it a couples Christmas party? Or, is it ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’? For the first, I expect some snacks, a punch, and Dirty Santa. For the latter, I expect his and hers cocktails, a photo-op under the mistletoe, and some fun battle-of-the-sexes type games.  This is how choosing a theme keeps us on track.

#2 Pick Your Entertainment

Another DUH moment that still needs to be said. Simply watching football is nice, but it’s not a party. However, watching football while playing a drinking game or playing Game Day Bingo just became a party! Is your Friendsgiving all about eating? Or, do you play Pin the Beard on the Turkey like a bunch of drunk third graders? Having great entertainment is really what makes you’re the Most Fun Host, like ever.

Sometimes your theme is your entertainment, though, like a Murder Mystery Night. But, this step is still really important because this is when you actually do the planning for the entertainment. You’ve got to assign characters to your guests, buy or create any props for the evening, decide on any side games…you get the idea.
Does This Towel Smell?

#3 Decide On Your Décor

Whether you go big and bold or simple and sweet, having décor is a must! It sets the mood when your guests arrive. Leave no doubt which team you’re cheering for or that you’ve got murder on your mind (murder mystery, that is). Go big with banners and garland, a specialty cake, and all the serving pieces you received as a wedding gift, or go simple with a colorful bouquet and some cocktail napkins on the snack table. Either way, your guests will notice the little extra touches you’ve added.

If you’re like us, you want to add that little humorous punch to everything. We all the cocktail napkins, coasters, and dish towels to add the unexpected flair that will live rent-free in your guests mind for years to come!