Hang Tight! A Twisted Experience - Twisted Wares®

Hang Tight! A Twisted Experience

Hang Tight! You're going to want to grab a few of these!

"I have an eight-month-old who gets into every single thing. Right now, our biggest battle is the hand towel hanging on my oven door.  If she isn’t trying to pull the towel down and put it straight in her mouth, she’s using it to try to pull up for a better view (you can imagine how that works out). And, because I wanted to make life as a new mom very stressful, I also have a new puppy who likes to tug at anything in reach.

So, how did I solve this problem? Twisted Wares Hang Tight towels. It’s seriously a game-changer. Okay, so it’s not the end all be all of my mom struggles, but not looking for my towel fourteen times a night while preparing dinner is pretty nice. Also, I’m not the laundry queen. So, those towels that ended up on the floor will live there for at least a week before I wash them.

Here’s the scoop: Twisted Wares invented (yes, invented) Hang Tight Towel® technology. For real, it’s patent number 10,413,135; look it up. These towels have a loop on them. Drape it over the oven handle and pull the tail through the loop; now, your in-house quality control officer will have to find something else to mess up.

These towels come pre-washed, lint-free, and with hilariously relatable prints like “You’re Fancy as Fuck” and “Adulting is Bullshit.” Made from flour sack cotton, you can wash these over and over again, and they won’t pill. They’re incredibly absorbent, and they stain-treat like a champ. I should know, tomato sauce is a staple in our home. 

**If you haven’t leveled up to displaying adult humor in your home, don’t worry; this Herringbone set is perfect.

It gets better, though. Kitchen hand-towels are for spills, wiping hands, grabbing warm handles, and popping your spouse’s butt. What about the bathroom? If you have kids or a husband, you know hand towels will always end up on the floor. The Twisted Terry® towel uses the same Hang Tight Technology and comes in equally as awesome humor. My nine-year-old stepson will not stop laughing at the towel hanging in our half bath, “A Fart is a Wish Your Butt Makes.” My wish is that he washes his hands. His wish is that we continue to laugh at his fart jokes.

Don’t stop at kitchens and bathrooms, though; use these on the bar cart, hang it from the refrigerator handle, turn it into an ascot. Honestly, your imagination is the only limit.

Look, I’m not saying you have to buy the Hang Tight® towels. I’m just saying if you could make one small part of life simpler while adding color and humor, why not?"

- Amanda, Twisted Wares Customer