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A Story of Bad Gift Giving



Hey, y’all! Missy here with a question, “What goes through men’s brains when shopping for gifts?!” Like, it’s all or nothing. You’re either getting a romantic trip to Paris or a new vacuum cleaner -there’s nothing in between.

Years ago, before my husband had even been upgraded to such a prestigious status, Valentine’s Day was getting close, and I guess panic set in? We were BROKE. Our early twenties, fresh careers, bills to pay, and my man is suddenly obsessed with the notion that he needed to buy me this super fancy, super expensive watch for Valentine’s.

So, Valentine’s Day comes, and I’m staring at this gorgeous piece of jewelry that we cannot afford. All I can say is, “Fucking return it! We’re broke!” It hurt his feelings, but priorities, amiright? His heart was there, but his financial planning was not, lol.

Eventually, he got over it and turned into an incredible husband. The kids are almost grown (aka: we’re almost empty nesters!), and we’ve been far more financially prudent [insert side-eye at my husband] but, now he buys things I’ll NEVER wear. Like, the most hideous heart-heart shaped jewelry. You know what I’m talking about!

In the end, we laugh. And, that’s what brings keeps us together. No matter how cheugy or hokey the gift, I get to keep on laughing with my favorite person.

Shop gifts that will make people laugh (intentionally) this year. And, have a lovely Valentine’s Day – whether you LOVE this day or DESPISE it, we’re here to make everyone laugh!

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