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Does The Perfect Gift Exist?

It’s an age-old question: Does the perfect gift exist? Well, duh! Of course, it does! But, the perfect gift is not a single thing - it’s a feeling. The perfect gift is how someone feels when they unwrap a present that makes them smile or laugh, and they know more than one thought went into making that moment happen.


If you’ve found your way to Twisted Wares, I already know you’re in it for the laughs! We have all the components of sentiment and humor that come together to make you the best gift-giver ever. So, build the perfect gift for your favorite person - with a little help from us!

Start here:

Start with one of our Deluxe Greeting Cards. We have cards that say everything from Happy Birthday to Fresh Out of Fucks. The cards are embossed for that fancy letterpress feel, come with their own envelopes and seals, and leave room to write your own garbage advice or love note.

Then go here:

We may be famous for our Hang Tight Towel® technology, but did you know we have so many other funny gift ideas? I mean, we believe everyone should have at least one of our towels, but if you don’t see the right one, check out our selection of aprons, oven mitts, and potholders! Everything is high-quality cotton canvas, so you know it’s not just for show.

Add a ‘little happy’:

In the South, we like to give small gifts or add little trinkets to larger gifts and say, “Well, this is just a little happy!” It’s our way of saying, I was thinking about you and felt like this would make you smile. We have all the perfect little happies to add to your gift. Choose from candles that say things like “Calm Your Tits” or funny AF air fresheners. We also have some pretty fabulous make-up bags made from heavy canvas and light humor; notepads, and pen sets that actually make you want to use them, and if you’re feeling warm and fuzzy, SOCKS! Like, not just any socks, but the best socks that say things like, “My Dog and I Talk Shit About You.”

Then seal it with a kiss:

Okay, not a kiss, but a sticker! Our collection of vinyl stickers is the *chef’s kiss* absolute best way to top off a gift. A scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe sticker that says “Fucking Classy” to put on a water bottle? Yaaassss, please! Or, view our All Saint’s Collection and get the patron saint of their personality. (Mine is Saint Whatevsia, if you’re shopping for me.)

Again, the perfect gift is all about how you make a person feel. We’ve got so many options to fit all kinds of personalities. So show a little love, send a little smile, and always give the perfect gift!