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Will you be our Galentine?

Riddle me this: What is February 13th, smells like wine, and don’t need no man!?! It’s Galentine’s Day!! In case you weren’t aware, Galentine’s Day is a completely legitimate holiday started by our completely real Sister-in-Spirit, Leslie Knope. It is a day set aside to celebrate the bonds of womanhood, to reflect on the journey of our divine feminine powers, to lift one another up in matriarchal solidarity…or to just get together and enjoy being away from men for a few hours.

How do you plan on celebrating? If you’re not sure yet, we have you covered!


Mimosa and Biscuit Bar

Kick out the men (let’s face it, they need to last minute shop for Valentine’s Day, anyhow), chill the bubbly, and throw some miniature biscuits in the oven. This is the perfect brunch bar for any occasion, but add a few undecorated Galentine themed cookies for your guests to ice; throw around some fun confetti, add a floral arrangement, and ask the DJ to play a girl power station, and you have met all the elements of being the best hostess, ever: theme, entertainment, and décor.

For your Mimosa Bar a variety of juices are always a great idea. We like a classic orange, a tangy grapefruit, and a sweet pomegranate. If you’re doing it for the gram, snag some glass carafes and little chalkboard signs. Also, fresh berries will really set it over the top.

A Biscuit Bar will be your new favorite brunch line-up. Little tea biscuits are small enough to manage while having a conversation, look adorable, and still taste great. When making them from scratch, use a champagne glass as your biscuit cutter to get the right size. Or, find them in the frozen aisle of your favorite store. Dish out your favorite jams and jellies, display that adorable but completely unnecessary honey jar, and show off your new butter bell for full effect. Don’t forget to add a little sausage and bacon.

Share the Love

Have you bought gifts for your favorite Galentines, yet? Match one of our funny and not-so-subtle gifts to each of their personalities and enjoy the laughter!

Every group has a single, anti-man sis in the group. She’s an independent dog mom that loves her pet plants. Honor her with this adorable and practical No Pricks Allowed Flour Sack Hang Tight Towel®. It’s the perfect addition to her retro-inspired kitchen.

For the old soul who is always DIYing something, you can’t pass up this P(r)etty Bitch Cross Stitch Pattern. Besides, if you give her a ‘purse-sized’ project, she’s more likely to hang around past 8PM at the next girl’s night.

And, let’s not forget our glamour bestie! She knows exactly how to contour that water-weight away, which lipstick color makes your teeth look brighter, and can go from Kardashian to Dove Cameron with the swipe of a brush. She needs this Hot Girl Shit Bitch Bag. It will hold all her essentials for a quick makeover before a night out.

Don’t forget to treat yourself. You worked hard to pull this brunch off and to just generally be a bad ass bitch. You should be recognized on a regular basis. Grab yourself this pillow that says “Bring Me Wine & Tell Me I’m Pretty.” It’s a great reminder to all who see it that you are a QUEEN!

square, beige cotton canvas throw Pillow with text that reads "Bring Me Wine And Tell Me I'm Pretty"